Participant Education

Today's employee faces a difficult task. Gone are the days of a lifetime pension and a gold watch. Instead, plan participants are faced with the daunting task of planning for their retirement income needs, developing an appropriate investment strategy, adequately funding that strategy and monitoring and adjusting that strategy over a lifetime of work. With this in mind it's important to ask the following questions.

  • Do your employees know their number? The amount they will need to accumulate for a secure and dignified retirement.
  • Do they understand the role your 401(k) plan plays in their retirement?
  • Do they know how to create & maintain an investment allocation appropriate to their retirement goals?

As an independent, fiduciary advisor, Gasber Financial Advisors, Inc. is committed to the long-term success of your employees. Working with you, we provide the education and advice that your participants need for a successful retirement.

  • Group Enrollment Education
  • Group Investment Education
  • Individualized GAP Analysis
  • One-on-One Participant Advice

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