Cost/Benefit Evaluation

As a retirement plan trustee, you have a legal obligation to know and understand all plan costs. This is nearly impossible without fee transparency.

Do you know all the fees in your plan? Some 401(k) providers make it difficult to understand the true cost of their plan. Often their fees are much higher than you might think. You should know clearly every fee paid and to whom. The solution is to insist on fee transparency. Because Gasber Financial Advisors, Inc. operates under a true Open Architecture Model, all costs are fully transparent.

This witch's brew of hidden fees, conflicts of interest and complexity in applications is at odds with investors' best interests.

- SEC Chairman Christopher Cox
(Speaking on retirement plans)

New Department of Labor regulations will make the identification of plan expenses easier but the plan sponsor will still be responsible for determining the reasonableness of costs incurred. Using the Plan Tools ™ Risk Management System, Gasber Financial Advisors, Inc. benchmarks your plan fees for the services rendered against other plans of similar asset size and participant count. Based on the benchmarking results, value and reasonableness can be accurately assessed.

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